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We let your organism know, how you can become and stay smoke-free because you are worth it to yourself. Including follow-up support, if required.

Resolving fears and allergies

How do fears arise? How do allergies, intolerances arise? We need to find the origin and re-evaluate it.

Lerning aid

Quick and precise recognition and solving of learning and examination blocks and increasing the effectiveness of learning and reproduction of the knowledge

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INAMEA - Individual session

Issues of all kind are being questioned and resolved. For example fears, allergies, addictions and many more.

INAMEA - Seminars and workshops

For personal and professional development, for self-experience and direct issue confrontation. There is something in it for everybody. (ONLY GERMAN)

INAMEA - Coaching

Individual coaching for all requested areas, to support and optimize. (ONLY GERMAN)

INAMEA - Systemic constellation

Especially developed systemic work for issues, blockades and situations. For individuals or families and business teams.

Detox variations

Many different ways to support and relieve the organism

The INAMEA-techniques originated from Maria's personal path of illness and the resulting observations. A very simple approach to the complex background of our cellular programms, where self-healing is activated through recognizing and letting go.
Often energetics are called alternitiv medicine, but for us it is a attitude to life, based on self-responsibility, self-love and trust. Every day we decide again, from which perspective we want to view the world. In my opinion every physical or mental symptom (every complaint) has its psychological background. Mostly these are unconsciously saved inside us.
The INAMEA-techniques are meant to find and immediately solve the mental causes of symptoms. In this way the whole organism can return to its normal (healthy) condition.
You can find more food for thought on Personal words or by subscribing to our newsletter. Also there is a lot of feedback from people, who already worked with us in our guestbook. Though please consider, that these inspirations are almost exclusively german, because most of our clients so far speak german.


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