Offered services


Classic massage

The classic massage is one of the oldest types of massage and is used for the targeted treatment of physical ailments, e.g. Muscle tension

Foot reflex zone massage

It is used to stimulate the natural functions of the body and self-healing powers over our feet


Die Sportmassage ist eine Art der Massage, die im Bereich des Sports einerseits zur Leistungssteigerung durch die verbesserte Regeneration nach Belastungen, andererseits zur Vermeidung von Verletzungen angewendet wird.

Trigger point treatment

The trigger point treatment loosens those pain-sensitive points in the body which have been caused by overload, overwork or emotional stress. In the long term, however, this is only effective if the psychological background is also solved.

Lymphatic drainage

It causes the removal of blocked tissue fluid via the lymphatics and lymph nodes, which leads to the strengthening of the immune system.

Hot Stone

The Hot Stone Massage is based on ancient methods of indian natural peoples. The information of the minerals, the warmth of the stones and the massage handles together create a miraculous mixture that will do your body and soul well


Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Reflexzonenmassage. Sie macht sich die Wechselbeziehungen zwischen den Schichtungen der Körperdecke und den inneren Organen zunutze.

Singing bowls

With the sound massage, vibrations and sounds are transmitted to the body which release tension, blockages and stress conditions so that the energy can flow freely again

Classic premium with honey

The classic premium massage represents a new quality level of the classical massage. Combined with Carinthian forest honey, the tapping massage technique has a purifying and revitalizing effect

Lomi Lomi Nui

It acts down into the deeper tissue layers. It is a kind of touch with warm oil and Hawaiian sounds that causes relaxation and release on several levels

Dorn - Breuss

This therapy is used mainly in the case of leg differences, pelvic obliques, scoliosis and other disorders of the spine and the resulting symptoms or radiating complaints in the extremities

Somalis Sora

It is a massage, which is individually tuned to every single customer. I totally let myself guide by the body signals and reactions of the respective person

Connective tissue massage

It achieves a stress compensation in the subcutaneous connective tissue and thus also an improvement of the reflected disease symptom


The acupuncture massage is an energetic-acting treatment which balances disturbances and blockages in the energy flow of the body


With a massage voucher, you will give your loved ones time for themselves, relaxation and enjoyment - a holistic soothing gift!


Tanja Preschern-Ramšak

Some people like it especially comfortable, that is why I also offer to come to your house to massage.
In addition to my work in the INAMEA-Praxisgemeinschaft in St. Peter, I also have a massage room at Lake Klopein. No matter where, it is important to me that my clients are optimally comfortable, so I am very flexible locally.


Thomas Preschern

Ein optimales Ergebnis ist das, was ich jedem einzelnen bieten möchte. Von der entspannten Wellness-Massage bis hin zur Muskelfunktionsmassage, um auch Sportler optimal vor, während oder nach dem Training zu unterstützen. Auf Wunsch in Kombination mit wertigen therapeutischen Ölen, passend zu jeder Lebens- und Stimmungslage.