INAMEA - Individual session

Issues of all kind are being questioned and resolved. For example fears, allergies, addictions and many more.


Basic session

Symptoms and issuis of all kind are being questioned and resolved. For example fears, allergies, addictions and many more.


We let your organism know, how you can become and stay smoke-free because you are worth it to yourself. Including follow-up support, if required.

Resolving fears and allergies

How do fears arise? How do allergies, intolerances arise? We need to find the origin and re-evaluate it.

Weight regulation

Individual support to solve blockages that prevent the comfortable weight and to follow your own impulses at the path to the desired weight, the desired figure with ease

Lerning aid

Quick and precise recognition and solving of learning and examination blocks and increasing the effectiveness of learning and reproduction of the knowledge

Animal communication

Finding and resolving the blocking patterns of animals (or plants) so you can live together more comfortable

Stress reduction and energy boosts

Learn to react more calm and relaxed in all areas of life


Identify and accept reciprocal blockages and viewing angles while remaining faithful and feeling good

Guided Meditation

Meditation trips specially adapted to personal needs, as a basis for solutions or simply to feel good. (ONLY GERMAN)

Soul star

In a single session, channeling is used to find out what can be done for your entire organism

Wellness - session

Identify the personal needs and promote the body, the mind and the soul with a variety of possibilities

Remote and continuous care

Energetic support from a distance, once or over an agreed period


Find and solve mental blockages from other lives

Fundamentals of the INAMEA-techniques are self-experience and self-study of Maria Ramšak (INAMEA). Maria realized that every signal of our body is a learning aid for our personal development. To fight the signals of our body would mean that we turn a blind eye to our potential insights! The resolution of all issues is to communicate with the body and change its mindsets instead of fighting it!

The slogan of INAMEA-seesions is: "Everything is possible, if you can imagine it!"

The slogan of our practice is: "Love your life and your life will love you!"