INAMEA - Systemic constellation

I've seen a lot of different variations of constellations throughout my development in energetics. Most of the times I missed the solution of the chosen issue in those family constellations. Usually they found the background of the issue, but the client was sent home with this knowledge, without a solution for ist! That's why I created my own variation of constellations: "The INAMEA-Systemic constellation"
During the INAMEA-Systemic constellation the client is sitting in the middle of assistants. His issue, that seems to be an insuperable mountain, gets taken apart into small pieces and the assistants vie and resolve everything piece by piece. Only after all components were seen, processed and resolved, the client gets back the complete solution.
Now the client has several weeks to integrate and process everything. In many cases there is an instant change of the issue and with it also a change of the environment. With more complex issues, the complete solution can take about 3 to 5 weeks!


Advantages of the INAMEA-Systemic constellations:
  • The client is sitting in the middle of the field, as an observer, while the assistants walk through the issues for him.
  • The chosen issues gets resolved and processed in its complexity.
  • Instead of having a few individual sessions, we find a solution in a systemic constellation , so the client saves time and money.
  • Now the client's body systems can take a few weeks to process the solutions.