We let your organism know, how you can become and stay smoke-free because you are worth it to yourself. Including follow-up support, if required.. During the session you are very relaxed and fully aware (no hypnosis).

Enough of addiction, compulsion and pressure? Enough of cigarettes, of smoking?

The INAMEA-Smoke-free-life-program helps you to live your life as a smoke-free person.

In an individual session (45 minutes - one time) we help the client to delete the smoking habits. The INAMEA-expert resolves the automatized behavior patterns that lead to withdrawal symptoms and therefore it is easy to live smoke-free after only one session!
If against expectations some stress or desire occur, we are offering our support through our emergency number.

The only thing you should bring along is the honest intention to be SMOKE-FREE!

This technique was developed by Maria-INAMEA more than 15 years ago and the success rate is very promising. By now also some of my colleagues all over Austria use this technique, unfortunately they all only practice in german.