Lerning aid


Quick and precise recognition and solving of learning and examination blocks and increasing the effectiveness of learning and reproduction of the knowledge

With special INAMEA-learning-aid-techniques we teach and train:
  • How to easily access your entire knowledge.
  • How to put some order into your brain's "filing system".
  • How to directly process and store everything in the future so that you can access your knowledge potential at any time!

Further assistance if required:
  • Studying and examination stress is reduced if necessary!
  • Fears are resolved!
  • Self-assurance and motivation are encouraged!
  • Revaluation to the respective reference persons (teachers, parents, classmates, colleagues, etc.)

Learning is a privilege and each of us has come to this world to learn! From our first minute on we learn to eat, talk, run and much more. And we make it all voluntarily and gladly - only that we have forgotten this voluntariness and motivation somehow. INAMEA reminds us again and brings the innate motivation back into the daylight!