Soul star


In a single session, channeling is used to find out what can be done for your entire organism.

The soul star is what we call the interplay of the chakras in an organism.
In a meeting, each chakra is "interrogated" and the information obtained is written down. This information can be exercises or eye-openers or something that is still to be let go, etc. With this basis, each client can actively work on themselves and thus process his current topics even before the body shows symptoms. Therefore, it is a wonderful opportunity, especially for people who regularly want to do something for themselves and with the soul star receive a guide for their personal development!
The client is in a state of rest during the manifestation and INAMEA is in a kind of trance for channeling. Afterwards the client is explained in detail the information and exercises received.
After 3 - 4 months (this is in the feeling and discretion of the client) a soul star can be manifested again to process the next topics.