Wellness - session


Identify the personal needs and promote the body, the mind and the soul with a variety of possibilities.

Well-being is given to us when we choose it!

Of course, there are some ways to support our organism and promote our sense of well-being, here the INAMEA wellness offer:

  • An INAMEA session can cover the mental wellness area. There is a possibility for each topic, but above all, such a session optimally shows which areas in the organism need additional physical or mental support.
  • By touch, a wonderful energetic colon cleansing can be made or
  • The chakras can be harmonized.
  • In addition, an energetic spinal column adjustment can be very beneficial and lasting.
  • The meridians can come into optimal flow,
  • Scars can be dejammed or
  • A guided meditation (ONLY GERMAN) can relax you

For physical support, see detoxification and massages.