Find and solve mental blockages from other lives.

As a basis for INAMEA regression, we use the awareness that all life energies are ONE. For comparison, imagine a human organism. A human being is a unity and yet it consists of more than 70 trillion individual cells, each of which has its own life and yet represents an organism! This is how I imagine our life potential. Every human being is an individual cell of a great whole! Individual and yet ONE. Separately functioning and yet a unit!

Energy is something that always changes, is a constant that always exists. When this vital energy comes into a material body, for example, to make experiences on the earth, the body acts as a vehicle (means of transport) for the soul. When the life energy (soul) has made the desired desired experiences, it goes on journeys again and leaves her "vehicle". Since the energy is always changing, it is very likely that it will make further experiences in other "vehicles".

With an INAMEA regression it can be recognized, from which other life blockadess were brought along with in the actual, conscious perceived life. And these blockades, which hinder today's experience and learning, are solved with the INAMEA expert!

INAMEA makes regressions only with solution backgrounds, no showbacks because this can cause more stress in people than is healthy and would require further sessions for editing and solving! An INAMEA regression can occur in every session, only takes a few minutes and has sensational solutions for "brought along" blockades. Often one finds the causes and solutions for babies born with neurodermatitis or people who have always had weight problems.