Ear candles

An old house means that people of all ages love and like to be pampered.
During the ear candle treatment the person lies on the side. The ear candle is then inserted vertically into an ear with a rotating movement without pressure, so that the auditory canal is closed airtight. Then, the candle is lit at the top end.
The combustion process produces a low vacuum at the lower end of the candle because the heated air rises within the tubular candle due to a weak chimney effect. According to the ideas of the producers of the Hopi candle, a pressure regulation in the middle ear and in the sinuses should take place, and a possible secretory flow should be stimulated with positive consequences for the treated person. The heat of the burning candle is supposed to locally stimulate the peripheral blood circulation of the skin and activate the lymph system. This should have a positive effect on the immune system. During the treatment also reflex zones and energy points in the ear area are being stimulated. Likewise, a crackling phenomenon described as relaxing can be observed, which is produced by the burn-off process. The activation of brain regions responsible for the deep relaxation has been demonstrated by a manufacturer using the quantitative EEG. Due to these effects, ear candle treatments are also increasingly being offered in the beauty and wellness area as well as in stress relief.
Similar to the ear candles, you can also use the body candles - they can be placed on almost any area of the body and beautiful effects are achieved!
In any case, it is a very beneficial experience for body and mind!