Curriculum vitae


In 1990, I saw the light of day in Klagenfurt, the capital of Carinthia.

I spent my childhood partly in St. Peter, my hometown, and partly in Tainach, among my grandparents.
After primary school in our small place, I decided to go to the Slovenian Gymnasium in Klagenfurt where I graduated in May 2009 in the special language project Kugy.

With 15 years I already discovered, that I was interested in massages. My first step in this professional direction was a sound bowl seminar with Maximillian Fischbach. More and more I felt that it was my vocation and my enthusiasm for this area rose.

In October 2009 I started the training as a medical masseur at WIFI Klagenfurt, which I successfully completed in February 2011! The last step towards the completion of the professional training followed in the summer 2011 with the further education to the massage therapist / commercial masseur in the castle school in Styria. In October 2011 I also successfully completed this training!

In the summer of 2009, I was very enthusiastically trained as an energetic in the techniques according to INAMEA, my mother.
Our parents had always shown us a positive attitude to life, so I was very early in my career to pursue a similar direction. After a short trip into a somewhat different lifestyle, I am convinced today that we are all creators of our lives and therefore fully bear the responsibility for our "life film".

Since January 2010 I have the great pleasure to work with my mother.

Since March 2012 I am a commercial masseur and combine all the massage techniques with the INAMEA - energetic techniques to a whole new form of bodywork. With that our mutual practice grows a new area and the clients can enjoy an even mor effective benefit!

Almost at the same time with my last training, I began the common life with my soul mate Thomas. In our previous friendship we have already mastered the ups and downs of our every day lifes.
Our relationship has been enriched by the renovation of our house with the help of my father, the common work in the INAMEA practice, diving trips and wonderful joint journeys.
On April 23, 2015, our son Michael was born at home. He is our greatest gift! Parenthood is the most beautiful and adventurous education of all.

On April 30, 2016, we took the next step and got married.
This is how we live and work together with our wonderful family, each on their own professional path, united in the heart and work!