Resolving fears and allergies


How do fears arise? Of course there are several different possibilities:

  • Fears can be set as an example, taken over from a role model.
  • They can emerge out of personal negativ experiences, that one wants to avoid in the future.
  • Often they originate in our childhood - or as a sum of experiences as an adult.
  • Sometimes they occur when children are born etc.

However the fear arose, we need to find the reason for it and re-evaluate it, so that the fear can be let go.

How do allergies and intolerances arise?

Everybody can regularly process a certain amount of stress. If this stress level gets exceeded the body is immediately alerted and tries to find the trigger for the excessive stress. If the body believes to have found the trigger it tries to avoid it in the future. From now on it immediately shows physical reaction (symptoms) to the trigger - that is how an allergy can be developed!
So far so good, this procedure might actually be a working defense mechanism. But the body doesn't see the bigger picture, it might call something the trigger what in fact was only the last straw that broke the camel's back.
There is for example a teenager studying for his high school certificate. To enjoy the beautiful weather, he studies outside, directly under the sun, maybe he forgets time and catches a sunburn! We know, that exam period is a hard time, where people often highly increase their efficiency, which means enormous stress for the body. So if the stress level gets exceeded by excessive studying and the organism only finds the sunburn as an obvious cause, it will try to protect the teenager from catching too much sun ever again. The body will react dismissively to the sun and it can develop sun allergy!

The INAMEA-Expert finds the real trigger in an individual or long-distance session and changes the background evaluation of your organism. With special techniques the expert uncouples the former allergy trigger and in the future there are no symptoms left!