In November 2005 my life path led me to inedia!
A few months earlier I could not imagine this step, but somehow I became more and more aware that this three-week process is also a stage in my development. I bought the first book on inedia with reluctance and left it for weeks. Until I finally read it and knew: "Somehow it will be a topic for me!" Only six weeks later on 21.11.2005 I started the process against all reason. We still had construction workers around the house, because the heating system was changed, the kids had planned a big birthday party, but I just "had" to do it! It was such a strong urge inside me that I just let myself in. I decided to trust, informed my family, the closest friends, took a four-week break from my job and withdrew myself at home!
It was just awesome, as my family, especially my husband and my children, and my parents, dealt with it and supported me at all levels and accepted my decision.
Many people accompanied me with loving thoughts! THANKS again to you all who have supported me with so much strength, love and trust!

It was a three-week time with many ups and downs, a time that I would never want to miss any more, because it showed me above all that there are only the limits that I admit, to which I believe. In this intense time, I have overcome many of my own limitations and paradigms and enormously broadened my horizons!

I even wrote a poem on the seventh day of the trial, just before I first drank a sip of water! You can read it if you change to the language to German.