Curriculum vitae


26th December 1966 as Maria Stefanie Petra Stebe
  • 4 years primary school Tainach
  • 4 years secondary school Völkermarkt
  • 5 years HBLA Klagenfurt
  • Distance learning health therapist via Germany:**
  • German - English spoken and written fluently
  • Slovene und Italien learned autodidactly - ok for understanding
  • French graduated but long time out of practice
Professional background:
  • Office administrator - Secretary for 8 months than promoted to
  • Leading management and human resources with power of attorney for 2,5 years and
  • Apprentice educator then

Switch to the jewellery sector
  • Clerk in charge for special customers for 6 months, then
  • Head of the department 6 Monate then
  • Promotion to the middle management with office and field work

3 years child break (daughters Tanja 1990 and Petra 1992) and then
self-employed in
  • Marketing and sales direct distribution since 1993 and
  • Energetic since 2004
  • Hatha-Yoga exercise instructor since 2009
Further development:
  • Many courses and workshops with colleagues in Austria and Germany (like kinesiology, geomancy, angels- and spiritual healing, Reiki, Prana etc.)
  • Read countless reference books
  • Hatha-Yoga education for exercise instructors
  • inedia (21-day-process) 2005
  • Son Raphael was born in 2007 and showed us totally new ways in life, like for example the free-learning (education at home)
  • Mother and wife
  • Founder of the inamea-techniques (details)
  • Coach
  • Author of books, CDs and advice cards (only German for now)
  • instructor
  • Speaker all over Europe
  • Chairlady of a non-profit club dedicated to spread knowledge about permaculture, energy efficiency, positiv thinking, health and an independent lifestyle

CV for bookworms

In 1966 I was born in Tainach, a small town in southern Austria, as Maria Stefanie Petra Stebe.
After the VS and HS I visited the HBLA in Klagenfurt. After my matriculation, I wanted to go straight to work to earn my own money. My first job as a secretary quickly took me into a leadership position. During this time (1987) I got to know and love my husband Albin. Together we started an eventful life. In just one year we were married and started building our own home. After the loss of our first child, I absolutely needed a change of scene, so I quit my job and applied for a new company, where I soon landed in the middle management and headed a separate department, with office and field work.

In addition, we lived our hobby very intensively, we danced tournaments of the Latin American dances and made many shows.
After 10 months of construction, we moved into our dream house, which was naturally planned by Albin. Shortly afterwards, our happiness and therefore our family, our daughter Tanja was born in 1990. Two years later our daughter Petra saw the light of the world and our happiness seemed perfect.
Nevertheless, I longed for change after a professional challenge. I was and I am very happy to be a mother and therefore I have created an opportunity to earn my own money from home. I made myself independent with the Amway business opportunity.
Ambitious and full of excitement, we were soon pretty successful!
And yet I still felt that something was dormant in me, something I had already felt as a child, before whom I was very much afraid as a child. I felt I was somehow different, I could see what others weren't seeing. I had surpressed my sensitivity and extraordinary perceptions for so long, that diseases were always my companion. Today I know that every symptom, every disease is a signpost, a sign, a form communication of our soul through our body.
This realization and the many personal experiences of my childhood and also my years of youth brought me on the road that I am today:

  • Away from the pure symptom treatment - to finding the cause.
  • Away from "feeling like a victim" - towards complete responsibility for my own life and my own perception of reality.
  • Towards the knowledge that every human being is a clear soul, clad in a mantle of matter.

I became aware that I actively designed my own life and chose my learning processes, that is, the meaning of my life!
In 2007, our life changed fundamentally again, because we were once again given a child. Raphael our sunshine, which teaches us so much and inspires us all.
During my pregnancy, I finished my degree with a diploma and obtained the title of "health therapist".
Today, together with my family, I treasure an authentic and active way of life. Love, honesty and communication are the pillars of our lives.
From all these backgrounds, my energetic techniques have emerged according to INAMEA, which I myself apply today in my practice and pass on to people in workshops and courses. In the meantime, colleagues from all over Europe are working with these techniques I have developed and there are people reading my books all over the world!