Curriculum vitae



was born 1984 in Klagenfurt. He was lucky growing up in the carinthian holiday region Klopeinersee, where his loving parents and grandparents cared for him.
He went to primary school in St. Kanzian and to secondary school in Kühnsdorf. Then he finished his ninth year at the Polytechnic - Lastenstraße (HTL) for mechanical engineering in Klagenfurt. Because he was so interested in metal, he startet his apprenticeship as a technician for machine tools shortly after finishing school in 2000.
2005 he decided to continue his education to become a foreman in mechanical engineering and operating technology. That done, he was working fulltime as an executive in the field of renewable energy in Völkermarkt from 2007 to 2013. That is when he decided to join our family business and support Albin in the technical area and Maria with energetics.
In Oktober 2010 he already finished the training for INAMEA-Experts and with that he had an amazing tool to find the balance for body, mind and soul.
Since then he continuously developed his skills and consciously shaped his personality - he learned a lot. This knowledge and skills is what he offers to help people since April 2013, being the male colleague of the INAMEA shared practice of Maria and Tanja.