The club „Natürlich Leben auf allen Ebenen“ (natural live on all levels) has the following purpose:

  • Events like speeches, workshops and seminars about plasma technology, energy efficiency, health, positiv thoughts and talking, permaculture, self-contained lifestyle, how to use herbs, nativ cooking and baking, production of soaps, creams, teas and much more.
  • Meeting and social gathering of like-minded people and therefore learning from each other and actively supporting people.
  • Bringing closer some new possibilities of independent lifestyles.

The members of the club get lower fees for these events and of course they get the announcements a little earlier, so that they can be sure to get a participant place!

The club was only founded in December 2016 so its web-presentation is still in development. You can download our attachmentstatutes from 16.12.2016 (ONLY GERMAN).

To join our club please fill out the attachmentgerman application form and send it to us. Via e-mail:

Come and be a part of our paradise! Everyone is welcome to contribute, whether you want to contribute by physical or financial support! We are glad about every help and you can of course also participate in the rich harvest.
IMG_5097_JPG Der lebende Zaun wächst weiter
Fragerunde DSC_0227_JPG



Here you can follow the development of our nature garden in St. Peter. In Carinthia, we want to accept the gifts of the earth as close to nature as possible. At the same time, we would like to bring this gift to many people and show how plasma energy fields work! If you are interested, please feel free to contact us! The team Johnny Peham (wilderness culture consultant) and Albin Ramšak (builder and planner) creates a true paradise in harmony with nature. (Many pictures - but the words are ONLY GERMAN)


Why become (more) vegan?
#ethics #environmentalism #alleviate world hunger #animal protection #physical wellbeing

Awareness in life - free of waste

Less garbage also means less consumption. It means a complete rethinking in everyday life. A few personal impressions of this process …

Here you can see the board members of our club.



Petra Ramšak