Vegan food has already become a trend … Slowly, this designation is even penetrating the rural regions. But what's behind all this? What motivates people to go without animal products?

At the outset it may be explained that a vegan life refers to much more than merely nutrition. It means a life without any animal products. So also no leather, no honey cream and the like.

Thus, we have already begun with the first vegan motivation - animal protection. Animals are valuable beings and should be equated with us. Instead of placing them in our service, we can honour them and take care of them, and of course grant them their freedom. That is what we all wanted as children - a few animals that we can just caress and love! If we want to go a step further, we can even take the animals as an example. For what is the true meaning of life? Survive and enjoy!

Some people think it is part of our nature to hunt and therefore meat is an important part of our diet. This can be reflected for a long time, after all, it is about the course of nature. But we are certainly in agreement that factory farming is ethically unacceptable. To break away from it, the awareness of the society has to develop. That is why we support Demeter farms and permaculture.

In addition, factory farming leads to a great imbalance in nature. The water consumption and the energy consumption to breed the animals that land on the plates of the people is incredibly high. Therefore the environmental protection idea is also a good reason to quit or reduce the consumption of animal products.

The list of arguments goes on. How many people could be fed of the grain fed to a single mastard? More than 30% of the world's cultivated grain flows into livestock farming! So when we get away from factory farming and monocultures, a lot more people can be fed up worldwide!

Another reason that moves many people is our metabolism. This severe feeling of saturation, which makes us so sluggish, falls away with vegan diet. Naturally it is much easier to keep your body fit. In addition, many people report that their body odor suddenly becomes milder due to vegan diet. Thus, this change brings many people a clear improvement for their physical well-being.

Maria INAMEA has been vegan since April 2016 and is absolutely happy with it! We want to contribute together in this area, in which we inform and promote people's awareness. Vegan cooking classes, herbal walks, information about growing sprouts and much more. The current dates can be found at:
In addition, there we are growing a 🌿 Permaculture-Garden. There we will also take up later on animals which live there to be fed, caressed and loved.